Give the floor to 請…發言

  It is a great pleasure for me to我很榮幸…

  Relevant issues 相關問題

  Updated research research result 最新的調查結果

  Attach the importance to 對…給予重視

  Lead-edge technologies領先技術

  Minister Counselor公使

  Natural heritage自然遺產

  Shared concern 共同關心的問題

  Well-deserved reputation良好的信譽

  對…表示衷心的感謝express sincere gratitude to

  請…講話 Let’ s welcome to give a speech

  雙邊會議bilateral conference

  以掌聲對…表示的最熱烈的歡迎propose the warmest applause to


  頒獎儀式the Award Ceremony

  賀詞greeting speech

  隆重舉行observe the grand opening of

  請…頒獎 Let’s invite to present the award

  取得圓滿成功achieve complete ceremony

  全球慶典global celebration ceremony

  宣布…結束 declare the closing of

  請全體起立,奏國歌 Please rise for the national anthem.

  Collective stewardship集體管理

  Competitive job market充滿競爭的就業市場

  Financial institutions金融機構


  Gross National Product國民生產總值

  Meet the challenges 迎接挑戰

  Public authorities公共機構

  Regulatory mechanism 法規機制

  The threshold of our transition into the new millenmum跨越新千年的門檻

  UNCHS (United Nations Centre for Human Settlements)聯合國人居中心

  Urban residents 城市居民

  Well-serviced formal city服務齊全的高尚城市

  把…列為重要內容place as the priority

  不放松工作never neglect the work

  節約用水 water conservation

  對…表示衷心祝賀extend our sincere congratulations on

  節約用水先進城市model city of water conservation

  使…取得預期效果attain the results expected

  授予…光榮稱號 confer honorable awards on

  為…而奮斗strive for

  嚴重缺水城市a city of severe water shortage

  有關單位units concerned

  與…比有差距compared with ,there is still some way to go

  預祝…圓滿成功wish a complete success

  開源與節流并重broaden sources of income &reduce expenditure

  對外貿易港口seaport for foreign trade

  國內生產總值National Gross Products

  歡聚一堂merrily gather

  活躍的經濟帶vigorous economic region

  基礎雄厚solid foundation

  留下最美好的印象may you have a most pleasant impression

  盛世the grand occasion

  祝愿在停留愉快wish a pleasant stay

  綜合性商港comprehensive commercial seaport

  春意盎然spring is very much in the air

  forest coverage森林覆蓋率

  global warming全球變暖

  principal element主要因素

  toxic emission廢氣排放

  迸發出心靈的火花ignite the sparks of understanding

  建立合作橋梁build the bridge for cooperation

  內容翔實substantial in content

  能源大省major province of energy

  日程緊湊tight in schedule

  call upon 號召

  conservation benefits節水的好處

  industrial reuse and recycling工業中水利用

  pollution fines 污染罰款

  urban water conservation城市節水

  water saving fixtures節水裝置

  地區經濟regional economic

  港口經營多元化diversification in port operation

  責任和義務perform our duties and fulfill our obligations

  地區行業盛會a well-known regional event of the industry

  發起港initiating ports

  break free 沖破藩籬

  civil society民間團體

  ethnic lines種族

  genuine partnership真正的合作伙伴

  squatter settlements 違章建筑區

  without access to 享受不到

  暢所欲言open dialogues

  計劃經濟的束縛the bounding of planning economy

  緊迫問題pressing issues

  科教興省和走可持續發展的道路vitalize the province by science and technology and sustainable development

  空前膨脹unprecedentedly inflated

  控制增長勢頭curb the trend of steep rise

  面臨嚴峻挑戰face severe challenges

  清醒地看到acutely aware

  生態惡化ecological deterioration

  提高意識strengthen the awareness

  相互尊重,求同存異,平等互利,優勢互補,借鑒經驗,拓展合作,立足當前,著眼未來respect each other, seek the common ground while putting aside difference, enjoy equality and mutual benefits, complement each other’s advantages, learn each other’s experience, expand the cooperation, stand from the present and look forward to the future

  以此會議為契機take the opportunity of this seminar

  滯后lag behind

  轉軌建制過程緩慢the tr4ansition of mechanism is slow

  總結經驗教訓draw lessons from the past

  community development oriented 以發展社區為宗旨的

  deserved winners當之無愧的獲獎者

  ethnic minorities少數民族

  gainful employment有報酬的

  gender issues性別問題

  handicraft works 手工藝品

  income generation 工薪階層

  in-depth knowledge深入了解

  the handicapped殘疾人

  不求最大,但求最好seek the best instead of the largest

  產業結構industrial structure

  城鄉一體化the unified design between the city and the countryside

  短期行為short-term conduct

  房地產開發real estate development

  扶貧幫困help and support the poor

  公共綠地public lawn

  公用事業public utilities

  會展中心convention center

  基建規模infrastructure scale

  精品意識consciousness for the best

  精品住宅區model human settlements

  企業效益enterprise revenue

  文明乘車civil bus ride

  希望工程Hope Project

  以人為本human centered

  主辦城市the host city

  綜合治理comprehensively administer

  economic recession 經濟蕭條

  press conference 記者招待會

  rough diamond 鉆坯

  sophisticated machine 先進機器

  staggering growth 強勁的增長

  trade union 業界

  umbrella name統稱

  瀕臨停產邊緣be close to production collapse

  反省reflect on

  回報期period of investment return

  痛定思痛recall a painful experience

  臥薪嘗膽endure present hardships to revive

  興旺期blossom period

  develop and flourish 茁壯成長

  expanding export earner不斷擴展的出口創匯者

  impose stringent rules定下嚴格規則

  市場波動market fluctuation

  協會章程association charter

  總經營額total business revenue



  from square one從頭開始


  instill or reinforce灌輸或強化

  job specification工作性質

  localization programs本土化項目

  performance appraisal表現評估

  不斷調整和日趨完善的階段the stage of constant adjustment and improvement

  產學研一體化的辦學機制the educational mechanism of combining learning with research and production

  成人學歷教育,高等教育自學考試 continuing education and self-study examination of higher education

  初露端倪reveal its importance for the first time

  翻譯導游tourist interpreter

  復合型,應用型管理人才versatile and practical management talents

  結構性調整structural adjustment

  民俗風情customs and habits

  相伴而生be accompanied by

  學術領域academic sector

  應勢而生come into existence as the situation requires

  在職培訓part-time training

  專業方向professional emphasis

  資格考試qualification test


  The Economic Commission for Europe歐洲經濟委員會

  A world-wide reputation譽滿全球

  Conference center會議中心

  The world Health Organization 世界衛生組織

  International civil servants 國際事務公務員

  International press center國際新聞中心

  Works of art 藝術品

  International trading center國際貿易中心

  Rich cultural blend 豐富多彩的文化交融

  Holiday resort 旅游勝地

  Natural reserves 自然保護區

  Feudal dynasty封建王朝

  中國革命歷史博物館the Museum of the Chinese Revolution

  一座歷史豐碑a historical monument

  快節奏的社會 fast-tempo society

  專題展覽exhibitions on special subject

  實地考察on-the-spot investigaion

  經歷了數千年的風吹雨打being beaten by elements for thousands of years

  古典藝術精品classical art treasures

  世界文化遺產World Cultural Heritage

  紫禁城the Forbidden City

  文物寶庫a treasure house of cultural relics

  私人收藏家personal collector

  securities exchanges 證券交易所

  stock exchanges股票交易所

  systematic market process有組織的買賣過程

  major corporation大公司

  New York Stock Exchange 紐約證券交易所

  Tax harmonization協調稅收

  Hot topic熱門話題

  European Union歐盟

  Driving force推動力

  Contemplate on the harmonization統一的期望

  國際貨幣組織International Monetary Fund

  國內需求domestic demand

  經濟全球化economic globalization

  雙邊渠道bilateral channels

  亞太經合組織Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

  金融危機financial crisis

  廣泛關注arouse wide concern

  國際社會international community

  公正合理的國際經濟新秩序a new and reasonable international economic order

  從大局出發proceed from the whole situation

  財政政策financial policy

  共同繁榮common prosperity

  貿易投資自由化trade and investment liberalization

  日新月異progress with each passing day

  知識經濟knowledge economy

  faulty members 教職工

  subscribes to 訂閱

  journals and periodicals 雜志期刊

  recreations and athletic facilities娛樂體育設施

  arts department文科系

  applied science應用科學

  recipients of Nobel Prize諾貝爾獎金獲得者

  intellectual and personal qualities文化和個人素質

  living expenses生活費

  sense of community團隊意識

  成人教育學院continuing education school

  仿真實驗室simulation laboratory

  教育部Ministry of Education

  土木工程civil engineering

  全國重點大學national key university

  信息技術information technology

  函授生correspondence student

  外國留學生international student

  教育展覽會Education Exhibition

  組委會organizing committee

  主要內容main component

  熱點話題much-talked-about topic

  共同關心的信息mutually concerned information

  fresh water resource潔水資源

  over the last couple of decades 在過去的二十年里

  land available for farming適耕地

  fresh water available可用清潔水

  emerging economies 新興經濟

  global warming 全球變暖

  ecological crisis生態危機

  path to prosperity通向繁榮之路

  seize the opportunity抓住機遇

  remarkable environmental progress引人注目的環境

  垃圾處理garbage disposal

  生活必需品the bare necessities of life

  消費品consumer goods

  消費習慣consuming habit

  捕魚量the volume of fishing

  造紙業paper-making industry

  木材儲量timber reserves

  森林覆蓋面積forest-covering area

  inward investment 對內投資


  pay tribute to 表示敬意

  subsidies and grants津貼和撥款

  problem of terrorism恐怖主義問題

  gave their lives to the highest calling將生命獻給了最崇高的事業

  target of terrorism恐怖主義的目標

  intensified our effort 加強力量

  bring to justice使歸案受審

  國際條約international treaties

  世界知識產權組織World Intellectual Property Organization

  私營部門the private sector

  知識產權intellectual property

  總干事Director Geneor

  在進入新的千年之際at the threshold of the new millennium

  成員國member countries

  綱領性文件programmatic document

  基本人權fundamental human rights

  殖民枷鎖colonialist shackles

  任重道遠the burden is heavy and the road is long

  internet phone industry網絡電話業

  vast potential for future development廣闊的發展前景

  telephone sound quality電話音質

  instantaneous transmission即時傳輸

  GPS(Global Positioning System)全球衛星定位系統

  Relay station中繼站

  Intelligent traffic management systems智能交通管理系統

  分子生物學Molecular biology

  能源綜合利用comprehensive utilization of energy

  認識科學cognitive science

  生產力productive force

  推動力量driving force

  相對論the theory of relativity

  行為科學behavior science

  知識科學knowledge economy

  新興產業rising economy

  層出不窮emerge one after another

  科教興國戰略the strategy of economic development through science-technology and education

  可持續發展sustainable development

  試點工程pilot program

  嚴峻挑戰serious challenges

  運行機制operational mechanism

  中國科學院Chinese Academy of Sciences

  綜合國力the overall national strength

  磁懸浮鐵路magnetic suspended railway

  root causes根本原因

  juvenile crime bill青少年犯罪

  idle talk閑聊

  easy access to 輕易接近

  zero tolerance絕不容忍

  balanced budget 預算平衡

  step up to its responsibilities 擔負起責任

  law enforcement professionals執法者

  debit card提款卡

  magnetic stripe磁條

  parking meter停車計費表

  personal identification number 密碼

  pull double duty具備雙重功能

  electronic versions電子交易

  chip-enhanced versions加強性芯片

  be hot for the idea熱衷于這個主意

  遙控器remote controller

  無孔不入all pervasive

  增強性能strengthen the property

  減少故障to reduce the breakdown

  原動力motive power

  高架鐵路aerial train

  汽車廢氣的排放discharge of automobile exhaust fumes

  毗鄰而居be adjacent to

  state-of-the art 最新型的,最優良的


  ground-breaking 開拓性的,獨創的

  organizing committee組委會

  innovative approach創新方法

  marketing partner市場合作伙伴

  a giant leap into the future走向未來的一次飛躍

  cash for votes用錢拉選票

  bribery scandal賄賂丑聞

  草地網球lawn tennis

  發球區service court

  處于執牛耳的地位occupy a leading position


  以全體運動員的名義in the name of all the athletes

  借助不正當的手段resort to unjust means


  繁榮昌盛thriving and prosperous

  愛不釋手fondle admiringly

  愛財如命skin a flea for its hide

  愛屋及烏love me,love my dog He that loves the tree loves the branch

  安居樂業live and work in peace and contentment

  白手起家build up from nothing

  百里挑一one in hundred

  百折不撓be indomitable

  半途而廢give up halfway leave sth. Unfinished

  包羅萬象all-embracing all-inclusive


  卑躬屈膝bow and scrape cringe

  悲歡離合vicissitudes of life

  背道而馳run counter to run in the opposite direction

  本末倒置put the cart before the horse

  笨鳥先飛the slow need to start early

  必由之路the only way

  閉關自守close the country to international intercourse

  變本加厲be further intensified

  變化無常chop and change fantasticality

  變化無常chop and change fantasticality

  別開生面having sth. New

  別有用心have ulterior motives

  彬彬有禮refined and courteous urbane

  兵不厭詐in war nothing is too deceitful

  博古通今erudite and informed

  不敗之地incincible position

  不恥下問feel not ashamed to learn from one' s subordinates

  不可救藥be past praying for beyond redemption

  不勞而獲reap where one has not sown

  不屈不撓fortitude indefatigability perseverance persevere tenacity

  不速之客crasher uninvited guest


  不言而喻speak for itself tell its own story tell its own tale went without saying

  不遺余力spare no effort spare no pains

  不以為然not approve object to

  不義之財filthy lucre filthy pelf the mammon of unrighteousness


  不遠千里go to the trouble of travelling a long distance

  不約而同happen to coincide

  不擇手段by any kind of means by hook or crook play hard by fair means or foul

  不知所措be at a loss be all adrift lose one' s head out of one' s wits

  才疏學淺have little talent and learning

  慘絕人寰extremely cruel

  滄海桑田time brings a great change to the worlds

  滄海一粟/九牛一毛a drop in the bucket

  草木皆兵a state of extreme nervousness

  層出不窮emerge in endlessly

  層巒迭嶂peaks over peaks

  察言觀色carefully watch what sb. is doing and saying

  姹紫嫣紅very beautiful flowers


  車水馬龍heavy traffic



  趁熱打鐵strike while iron is hot Hold a wolf the iron is hot

  成群結隊gang horde

  誠惶誠恐with reverence and awe

  誠心誠意sincere desire

  承上啟下a connecting link between the preceding and the following


  吃里扒外live on sb. while helping others secretly

  癡心妄想、胡思亂想wishful thinking


  叱咤風云ride the whirlwind

  愁眉苦臉pull a long face snoot

  愁眉苦臉的,愁眉苦臉地woebegone 、morosely

  臭名遠揚,臭名昭著flagrancy, notorious


  出口成章have an outstanding eloquence

  出類拔萃,鶴立雞群fill the bill supereminence

  出謀劃策give counsel suggest

  出奇制勝defeat sb. by a surprise action

  出生入死go through fire and water

  觸類旁通comprehend by analogy

  垂頭喪氣,無精打采 down in the mouth lose one' s spirits with the tail between the legs

  垂頭喪氣的blue about the gills crestfallen downhearted

  綽綽有余more than sufficient

  此起彼伏as one falls,another rises

  從容不迫go easy take one' s time

  從容不迫的leisured unhurried

  從容不迫地by easy stages

  粗枝大葉careless slapdash sloppy


  措手不及unaware unprepared

  錯綜復雜、撲朔迷離 anfractuosity

  錯綜復雜的anfractuous daedal reticula sinuous

  打草驚蛇act rashly and alert the enemy

  大材小用waste one' s talent on a petty job


  大海撈針look for a needle in a bottle of hay

  大惑不解be extremely puzzled

  大驚小怪a storm in a teacup 、foofaraw 、fuss 、like a hen with one chicken


  大快人心affording general satisfaction

  大名鼎鼎famous well known

  大器晚成great minds mature slowly

  大千世界the boundless universe

  大失所望greatly disappointed

  大同小異largely identical but with minor differences

  大顯身手、大顯神通strut one' s stuff

  大言不慚、夸夸其談fanfaronade rodomontade

  大義凜然inspiring awe by upholding justice

  大義滅親place righteousness above family loyalty

  大智若愚Still waters run deep. An empty vessel makes the most sound Still water runs deep

  呆若木雞dumbstruck transfixed

  待人接物the ways one gets along with others

  殫思極慮rack one' s brains

  膽小如鼠cannot say boh to a goose


  淡泊明志not seek fame and wealth

  道貌岸然be sanctimonious

  得過且過drift along muddle along


  得心應手handy with facility

  得意忘形、得意洋洋 bloat get dizzy with success

  得意洋洋elated、 elation、 exaltation、 jauntiness

  得意揚揚ride high

  得意洋洋的cock-a-hoop、 high-blown 、perky


  德才兼備have both ability and moral integrity

  德高望重sainted 、 saintlike

  登峰造極reach the limit reach the peak of perfection

  地大物博vast territory and abundant resources

  顛倒黑白、顛倒是非、 混淆是非call white black、 swear black is white

  顛三倒四confused disorderly

  雕蟲小技insignificant skill

  調兵遣將move forces

  調虎離山lure the enemy away from his base

  掉以輕心treat sth. Lightly

  喋喋不休blat 、cackle 、chackle 、harp、 harp on、 jaw-jaw 、rattle 、twitter、 wag

  頂天立地of indomitable spirit

  東施效顰blind imitation with ludicrous effection

  東山再起bob up like a cork

  獨具匠心show originality

  獨樹一幟develop a school of one' s own

  獨一無二in a class by oneself

  獨一無二的unique 、unmatched、 unparalleled

  度日如年one day seems like a year

  斷章取義garble 、quote out of context

  對牛彈琴whistle jigs to a milestone 、Cast pearls before swine

  對癥下藥suit the remedy to the case


  多才多藝的accomplished 、all-round 、allround 、miscellaneous、 versatile


  多愁善感的moonstruck 、spoony

  多此一舉bring owls to Athens、 hold a candle to the sun

  多多益善the more the better


  脫胎換骨thoroughly remould oneself


  恩將仇報、以怨報德 、忘恩負義 bite the hand that feeds one

  爾虞我詐each trying to cheat the other


  發人深省set people thinking

  發揚光大carry forward

  翻山越嶺tramp over hill and dale



  飛黃騰達、青云直上come into one' s kingdom、 rise in the world strike oil


  飛禽走獸birds and beasts

  廢寢忘食forget food and sleep

  分道揚鑣part company,each going his own way

  分化瓦解disintegrate 、divide and demoralize


  紛至沓來come in a continuous stream

  紛至沓來的thick as hail

  奮不顧身dash ahead regardless of one' s safety

  憤憤不平be indignant



  恩將仇報、以怨報德 、忘恩負義 bite the hand that feeds one

  爾虞我詐each trying to cheat the other


  發人深省set people thinking

  發揚光大carry forward

  翻山越嶺tramp over hill and dale



  飛黃騰達、青云直上come into one' s kingdom、 rise in the world strike oil


  飛禽走獸birds and beasts

  廢寢忘食forget food and sleep

  分道揚鑣part company,each going his own way

  分化瓦解disintegrate 、divide and demoralize


  紛至沓來come in a continuous stream

  紛至沓來的thick as hail

  奮不顧身dash ahead regardless of one' s safety

  憤憤不平be indignant


  豐富多彩rich and colorful

  豐功偉績great achievement

  豐衣足食have ample food and clothing

  風花雪月sentimental writings of the exploiting classes

  風馬牛不相及be totally unrelated

  風靡一時be the rage


  風起云涌like a rising wind and scudding clouds

  風雨同舟stand together regardless of situation

  風雨無阻in all weathers

  鋒芒畢露make a showy display of one' s abilities


  逢場作戲join in the fun on occasion

  逢兇化吉trun ill luck into good


  敷衍了事make short shrift of 、palter、 scuffle

  釜底抽薪take a drastic measure to deal with a situation

  赴湯蹈火、出生入死go through fire and water


  覆水難收spilt water cannot be gathered up again 、It is no use crying over spilt milk